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Stock Control Multi-Location Stock Control Stock Kits & Bills of Materials Invoicing Sales Orders & Back Orders Customer Accounts Supplier Accounts Cash Management (with foreign banks) Quotations Foreign Currencies Purchase Orders Automatic Purchasing Card File Databases GST & BAS Reporting Barcoding Report Writer/Labels/Forms Editor Central Billing Assembly Manager Shipment & Import Costing Requisitions Stock Forecasting & Logistics Graphical Navigation Editor Import & Export Stocktakes (data files) Advanced Stock Transfers System Event Manager Zone & Carrier Management For Dispatch Transaction Numbers By Department Index Builder (custom sort sequences) Advanced Scripting Features Stock Catalogue Creation Wizard Multi-tier product families Customer Collections Manager Shipment Consignment Note Tracking Mission Critical Database Server Capable of 100+ user access Restrict Transactions Views By Department Data Access Kits For Most Platforms Export Credit Card Payments To Bank Back Order Control Account Manager Sales Budgets By Individual Customer Customer Return Authorities (RA’s) Price/Product Catalog Management Enhanced Record/Transaction Lock Info Stock Reorder Plan Manager Stocktake Cycle Counts Advanced Product Warranty Management Advanced Sales History View When Invoicing

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