Rounding and payment workarounds
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    Rounding and payment workarounds

    by coldrick » Tue May 13, 2008 10:08 am

    We are having a bit of difficulty getting a final solution to cater for several areas of sales/invoicing/cash.

    Could you please advise the suggested settings to achieve the following results...

    1. When we process a Sales Order to a COD customer (0 credit 0 terms) the sales order prompts for payment but doesn't round the amount. When we produce the invoice from that sales order, the invoice is rounded and creates a difference between amount taken and amount invoiced.

    2. When we produce an invoice for a COD customer we would prefer to just round payments if they are actually CASH. We don't want to round Credit Card or EFT payments, but we can't find a solution within the settings.

    3. Refer a previous post still unanswered - when we are invoicing a customer with an unallocated payment against their account, we would prefer to be prompted to allocate the amount to the invoice BEFORE the system asks for another payment, not afterwards.

    4. When we produce a Sales Order we would like to prompt for payment for COD customers only, not for account customers. Setting "No Prompting" in install workshop means that nobody is asked to pre-pay and setting "sales orders" prompting means that everybody is asked to pre-pay.

    Looking forward to your advice on these.

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