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Install an Activation File
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    Install an Activation File

    by COBS Tech Support » Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:09 am

    Once you receive your license activation file from CAPITAL Office Business Software, follow these steps to install it:

    1. Ensure that all running copies of CAPITAL Business Manager and/or CAPITAL Sales Force Manager and/or CAPITAL Warehouse Manager have been closed down.

    *If all running copies of CAPITAL are not closed down, users may experience errors and the software may shut down, if the license file is changed while the software is running.

    2. Replace your existing CAPREG.DAT file, which will be found in your main CAPITAL, folder, typically your ..\CAPITAL folder on your server or main computer, with the new CAPREG.DAT.

    *If this is your first CAPREG.DAT file then simply place it in your main ..\CAPITAL folder.

    You may now start the software again.

    To confirm that you have correctly installed the new license take the following steps:

    1. Start CAPITAL Business Manager.
    2. From the main menu select Help|Registration Information
    3. Confirm that the expected number of 'Licensed Users' is reported and/or that the Licensed Components list correctly describes your expected licensing.
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