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New Features in CAPITAL 7.41
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    New Features in CAPITAL 7.41

    by COBS Tech Support » Fri Aug 25, 2006 5:05 pm

    This is the list of new features found in the CAPITAL 7.41 upgrade:

    * The Days Stock On Hand Report can be used to assist in forecasting stock requirements. Available in the Enterprise & Corporate Editions only.

    * It is now possible to generate assembly tasks automatically from sales orders. For more information on this topic consult: Assembling From Sales Orders.

    * New customer account fields include Created Date, which is the date when new accounts were created, and CCV2 to assist with credit card management.

    * Sales orders and invoices can now store promotional and sale origin codes for further sales analysis processing.

    * It is now possible to search for payment transactions by credit card number. Consult the topic: Cash Management Find for further information.

    * Stock Family first tier product grouping is now available in the Enterprise Edition of CAPITAL. Stock groups may be grouped together by upper level 'product family' groupings.

    * Purchase orders that have been raised to fill the requirements of a pending sales order or back ordered invoice, may now have newly arrived stock automatically allocated in the Back Order Control Centre, when purchase orders are delivered. For information on this configuration option consult the topic: Back Order Installation Options.

    * When working with transactions you may now select Customise|Display Notes When Opening, to automatically display transaction note information when reopening existing transactions.

    * When entering credit and adjustment notes it is now possible to specify a restock quantity separate from the quantity credited as returned. For more information on this subject consult the topic: Transaction Columns.

    * It is now possible to copy notes recorded on sales order transactions onto the invoice or invoices that are generated by the sales order. For information on this configuration setting consult the topic: Sales Order Installation Options.
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