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Visual Builder Network Printing Setup
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    Visual Builder Network Printing Setup

    by COBS Development Team » Fri Sep 16, 2005 4:40 pm

    Visual Builder can be set-up to print on a network in two ways.

    Local Printing For Each User

    This scenario would cover a situation where each user has their own printer.

    If you want to restrict print jobs to particular users, you need to create a spool file (print queue) for each individual. This is very easy to do. On each workstation:

    1. Start Visual Builder
    2. Select File|Print Job Manager
    3. Click on Advanced
    4. In Spooler Name enter a unique name. E.g., "FRED", "JOHN", "PC1", etc.

    (It does not matter what the name is, so long as it does not clash with a name that is already set-up for someone else.)

    5. Click on OK
    6. Click on OK again
    7. Close Visual Builder

    Network Printing For All Users

    This scenario would best apply when all form print requests are handled by the same printer or printers, and resources are available to run Visual Builder on a computer separate from those used by CAPITAL operators.

    The network printing option is typically more convenient for users, as they do not then have to wait for Visual Builder to finish printing before continuing their work. If you have a server computer or a free machine that is not in use by an operator, it is possible to dedicate it to handle Visual Builder print requests. However, due to the low cost of printers and the lost flexibility that users have in controlling which printers to send print jobs too, this type of setup is no longer common.

    The procedure is as follows:

    Place Visual Builder in your Windows Start menu on the system that will be handling all print requests. This way, when Windows starts, CAPITAL Visual Builder is also loaded automatically.

    To prevent other users from also starting Visual Builder, do the following:

    From the CAPITAL Series 7 menu:

    1. Select File|Printer Setup|Form Settings
    2. Untick the option Print From This Computer
    3. Click on OK

    Now, because only one copy of Visual Builder is loaded on the network, all print requests will be processed by that system.

    Troubleshooting Printer Setup

    If you are unable to print, confirm that a spool file (print queue) has been successfully created for each user. CAPITAL will automatically create a unique spool file for each user, however Windows security permissions may prevent this from working.

    Ensure that users have local admin rights and that their local profile folder (Windows 2003) or Windows folder (XP, Vista) is not set to 'read only.'

    Repeat the steps under 'Local Printing For Each User' as above, and verify that the spool file you have specified is retained by the system. If the specified file is not retained, or a different spool file name appears, or you receive a warning message of any kind, then consult your IT consultant to increase security permissions for that user or computer.

    Ensure that local printing is not turned off for your computer:

    1. Start CAPITAL Office
    2. Select File|Printer Setup|Form Settings
    3. Untick the option Print From This Computer, if it is ticked.
    4. Click on OK
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