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How To Force All Stock Items To A Specific Tax Category
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    How To Force All Stock Items To A Specific Tax Category

    by COBS Tech Support » Fri Dec 05, 2008 4:49 pm

    Stock items entered in CAPITAL inherit their tax category (GST free, inclusive, etc.) from the stock group assigned to them. If a stock group is not assigned to the item and the user entering stock forgets to assign a tax category code to the entered record, the record could unintentionally be invoiced without tax.

    To avoid this issue it is possible to force all items not assigned a tax category explicitly, a particular rate. In this example tax rate 7 is assigned to all stock automatically when saved, if no tax rate was previously assigned to that item.

    1. From the CAPITAL main menu select Special|Installation Workshop.

    2. Log in with your administrator password.

    Note: All users should be out of CAPITAL when performing this configuration change.

    3. From the main menu select Build|Screen Builder.

    4. Select 'Stock Control' if not already selected and press Open button.

    5. If CAPITAL warns you that other running copies of CAPITAL are still open, ALT-TAB and close these down. Also close down any copies running on other computers.

    6. Select File|Screen Script from the main menu.

    7. Paste the following into the Screen Script window:

    Code: Select all

    If Mode = 3
       If Empty(SCRRead("Taxrate"))
          SCRWrite("Taxrate", 7)

    8. Press Save button.

    9. Select File|Exit and confirm saved changes to exit.
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