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Basic Print Troubleshooting
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    Basic Print Troubleshooting

    by admin » Wed Nov 09, 2005 2:19 pm

    Checking & Clearing the Print Queue

    If an operator cannot print, it is important to check a few simple things first.

    If an operator is having trouble printing or changes their mind during printing, they may press the "Cancel" button during printing. This may put the print program (Visual Builder) in suspend mode. This is necessary, since there may be more than one print request in the print job queue. When printing is suspended, processing of the queue is paused.

    Press ALT-TAB to move to Visual Builder and see if there are any warning messages or notification messages displayed about the print job. For example, if operators accidentally set their printer paper to Letter instead of A4, Visual Builder may report that printing doesn't fit on the page. The user has to press OK to continue. Pressing ALT-TAB will bring Visual Builder up on the screen so that OK can be pressed.

    If a warning or advisory message is displayed, note what the message says, and if necessary, go back and correct your printer page size, or whatever may have caused the problem.

    Clearing The Print Queue

    From the CAPITAL main menu select Special|Visual Builder.

    If Visual Builder prompts you to resume printing press No.

    Log in with your password if you have the security system running.

    Select from the Visual Builder main menu File|Print Job Manager.

    To remove all printer jobs from the queue, press the "Empty" button. (You will be asked to confirm this action.)

    If "Paused" is selected, select "Resume".

    Then press OK.

    Press ALT-TAB and return to CAPITAL.

    Print your transaction(s) again.

    Following the above procedure should allow operators to resolve typical printing problems.

    Note: If the software does not allow you to "Empty" the queue, you may need to delete each print job manually by repeatedly pressing the Delete button.

    Activating Printing

    If Visual Builder does not start automatically when operators print, then from the CAPITAL main menu select File|Printer Set-up|Form Settings

    Ensure that "Print From This Computer" is ticked.
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