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How To Turn Off "PowerFind"
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    How To Turn Off "PowerFind"

    by admin » Thu Sep 08, 2005 1:49 am

    NOTE: This help topic is obsolete

    CAPITAL 7.3 has a new stock search function that is much more powerful than previous versions. While we will not be supporting or expanding the functionality of the old search function, it can still be reactivated if you do the following:

    Edit the user's CAPWIN.INI file and locate this section or add the section if it doesn't exist:


    The advantages of the old search function is that it is simpler looking and also a little faster to operate if users perform very simple stock searches. Users can use the ENTER key to paste their result. An accelerator key or additional button has to be pressed in the new stock search function ('PowerFind'). However, beyond extending functionality the new stock search function was introduced to resolve certain problems found in the old search function. Certain users may be affected by these issues depending on the nature of their inventory file:

    1. Key word searching could potentially be slow on some inventory files
    2. If users entered the wrong code, the old search function did not paste their input into the search dialog allowing the user to quickly amend their mistake.
    3. No support for filtered searches, e.g., stock items beginning with J from the stock group ABC

    NOTE: PowerFind cannot be turned off in V8 applications.
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