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Service Manager Mobile Field Service

The Importing & Shipment Special Costing system is designed to assist importers exporters or those for whom shipping costs represent a significant portion of a stock item's total cost. Multiple purchase orders can be consolidated onto a single costing 'job'. Currency conversions are handled automatically, and freight, shipping, local cartage, duty and other charges may be factored into your final inventory cost value. GST can be carried through the costing process onto supplier invoices, but is excluded from affecting your inventory cost value.

A landed cost or local cost history is maintained, so you can easily compare the last shipment cost with the current cost. The costing 'job' is then allocated against one or more supplier invoices. Supplier account balances, shipping history, and inventory cost and stock levels are updated in the one procedure. A shipment costing report can be printed, as well as stock labels.

CAPITAL Service Manager Mobile FIeld Service is designed to assist field service technicians in receiving scheduled service work, and record job, materials and time sheet information. CAPITAL Service Manager Mobile Field Service  runs on Windows 8 or 10 mobile devices or notebooks. The application is touch optimised and easy to operate. The application screen can be navigated using finger swipes or a pen, keyboard or mouse. Set-up is easy. Simply enter your company code, your technician ID and your licence ID and press the ’Sync’ button. The application will automatically receive any job information assigned to it, so long as it is within range of a signed in wi-fi connection. The device can be operated off line and Sync’d later at any time when wi-fi becomes available. CAPITAL Service Manager Mobile Field Service requires the following: CAPITAL Business Manager or CAPITAL Sales Force Manager (CRM) components - Service Manager Service Manager Scheduling

Back Office

CAPITAL Business Manager or CAPITAL Sales Force Manager act as the mobile application’s ‘back office’ system. Jobs are ‘pushed’ to mobile devices by scheduling them and then pressing the ‘Push’ button. Nothing more is required.

Fully Integrated

No need to manually enter parts and components used or time sheets, or on-site meter readings and other important maintenance information into CAPITAL Service Manager.

Flexible Mobile Push


You may have a mix of technicians operating manually and with mobile field service devices within the same scheduling system. This makes it easy to introduce mobile automation gradually into your work flow processes.  Multi-Company Supports multi-company operation, however only one company may be assigned at one time to a mobile device.

Auto Upgrade


Automatically detects new versions and installs them when convenient to do so.

Auto Screen Rotate

Application can be used in landscape or portrait mode simply by tilting a compatible device.

Flexible User Interface

Use your fingers to navigate the system or if you prefer, also supports a a mouse or keyboard. Runs on 8” and larger Windows 8 or 10 tablets or notebooks.

Parts & Spares Management

Changes to parts inventory are automatically sent to mobile devices with each synchronisation as required.

Configurable Data Capture

Create one or multiple data capture panels. Record serial numbers, meter readings and other critical information. Fields  may be optional or mandatory.

Easy Set-Up

Once only: specify the company, technician ID and your licence code, be near a signed in wi-fi connection and press ‘Sync’. You’re ready to start work!
Highlights at a Glance   Sending scheduled jobs to designated field technicans is as easy as pressing the ‘Push’ button.   Collecting field technician data and transferring it back into your Service Manager is as easy as   pressing the ‘Pull’ button.   Record one or multiple time sheets per job card.   Record parts used on site for later billing at the back office.   Optionally allow field technicians to create their own field service jobs on the fly.   (Ideal for after hours urgent call outs.) Customisable data capture forms allow additional job information to be captured, such as             meter readings and serial numbers.    Multi-location aware: assign parts list to vans and link van stock to technicians. Time sheets and parts can be edited on the mobile device for as long as the job remains             scheduled, even after data has been synchronised. Parts may be updated or deleted by technicians even (shortly) after synchronisation.

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Finger Friendly Device Navigation
Press the Push button on the Service Manager Scheduler to transfer jobs to field technicians.
Swipe up and down with your finger to navigate the various mobile device lists.