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An accounting package can have a major impact on the running of your business. It can save time and assist in increasing productivity which in turn also increases profitability. When you purchase an accounting package with the capabilities of CAPITAL Office you need to invest time in order to get the most benefit from the system.
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  Make Training Cost Effective  
  Professional training should be as viewed as an investment in your business. You should calculate the number of hours a particular task is taking you or your staff per week, and estimate as accurately as possible other benefits (such as the increased sales due to better service you can provide your customers). Then discuss with our consultants the time it typically takes to setup the area of the system that can provide you time savings. From this you should be able to estimate the number of months it will take to recoup your training costs. For example, if a manual task is taking your staff 5 hours per week, and assuming that automation may be able to reduce this to only 1 hour per week, then the on-going saving should be a half day per week for one member of staff. If your cost savings are viewed over one year they can be substantial. Keep in mind that if you don't address these areas of potential cost saving, your competitors will, sooner or later, if they haven't already done so. If your running costs are higher than theirs, the result is a long term competitive disadvantage.  
  Giving You Personal Attention  
  Training is designed according to your business requirements and is there to assist you in gaining the benefits of CAPITAL as quickly as possible. Listed below are examples of common training agendas, but a training agenda will be constructed to meet your particular needs.  
   Suggested Training Agendas  
Basics of CAPITAL Business Manager
What's needed to get started using the CAPITAL system to automate your business processes.
General Ledger
How to set-up and run a general ledger. The focus of this program is to give you practical information on the procedures you'll need to follow in order to produce monthly general ledger reports.
GST & BAS Reporting
If used correctly, CAPITAL can produce detailed GST and Business Activity Statement reports in minutes. Your existing data entry procedures don't need to change but it is important that your system is set-up to leverage CAPITAL's in-built reporting capabilities.
The Stock Tracing System
Covers the major aspects of the CAPITAL Office serial number, batch number, colour, size, style and lot tracing system. 
Customer Relationship Management
A generally under utilised part of the CAPITAL system, our consultants can show you how to create card files to manage sales leads and mailing lists, and how to import this list data into CAPITAL from other software packages. Mailing letters can easily be produced using CAPITAL's in-built letter printing facilities or using programs such as Microsoft Word.
Tailored to the specific requirements of your business, consultants can assist you in setting up and best utilising areas of the package such as Service Management, Hire Management, Stock Assemblies, and Import Costing, to name a few. 


   Training Fees  
Hourly Training Rates
$120 per hour
Hourly Travel Time Rates
$75 per hour
Interstate Travel
Airfares and accommodation are payable by clients. These expenses can often be proportioned over 2 or more companies receiving training in the same region at the same time.

You should discuss your training requirements with your appointed CAPITAL consultant. If a consultant is not available for training click here to contact us directly for further information.


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