Documents Print But Are Not Emailed

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Documents Print But Are Not Emailed

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The following steps need to be executed when all users are logged out of CAPITAL.

1. Start CAPITAL
2. From main menu select Special|Installation Workshop
3. Log in with administrator password if prompted
4. Select Install|Email Services from menu
5. Press Test button

Confirm that result of this is that '1 of 1 messages sent OK'.

If you receive an error code consult with CAPITAL Technical Support or your IT consultant for possible causes.

6. Press Close, then Cancel.

7. Select from the menu Install|Electronic Document Exchange
8. Press OK and then click on Yes to close CAPITAL
9. Check the 'Queue Control' setting and confirm 'Send Immediately' is selected.

If 'Send Immediately is not selected, select it, then press Finished.

10. Select File|Exit from the menu.