Set-up Electronic Document Exchange

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Set-up Electronic Document Exchange

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To set-up Electronic Document Exchange using CAPITAL -

1. Launch CAPITAL Business Manager
2. Click on "Maintenance" (bottom left corner)
3. Click on Customise icon (near top)
4. Select from the menu Install Settings|Communication (Email)
5. Click on Outgoing Mail button
6. Fill in your email settings
7. Press TEST button to confirm those settings have been correctly entered.
8. Press Save
9. Click on Electronic Document Exchange button.
10. Ensure that under "Queue Control" the option "Send Immediately" is selected.
11. Ensure that "File Output Directory" points to a logical and actual location on your network.
12. Tick Delete After Sending
13. Press OK or Save.
14. Press Yes.
15. Press Save (right top corner)
16. Close all running copies of CAPITAL
17. Restart your software

Comments On Email Settings

Under SMTP Host (or IP) enter your email server address or IP number. This number should have been provided to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If you use an Email program such as Outlook then you can check its set-up connection parameters to obtain the SMTP host name or IP number. If you enter this incorrectly you may experience 'write errors' and other problems when attempting to email.

For SMTP Authentication you will need to check if your mail SMTP Host (mail server) requires authentication. Not all servers require or allow such authentication. If you're unsure you will need to check with your ISP.

For SMTP Account enter your user account name. This may need to be specified when the SMTP password is insufficient to connect to your mail server. For some mail accounts this entry may be left blank. For others this may be the same as your email address. Again, if unsure, you will need to check with your ISP.

The SMTP Password is normally required however if you are 'hosting' your own mail server it could be set to be left blank. Generally, if your mail is going through a provider such as Telstra, Optus, TPG, etc., you will need to enter your password here.

The Your Email Address is your own Email address. Some mail servers do not allow you to send mail unless they can identify you as one of their clients.

If you are running the Electronic Document Exchange Component and users are emailing documents or faxes (using a fax server), the user's Email address is used in place of this generic Email address. You can specify an Email address for each user by entering this information under their Staff Profile.

The Reply To address is what you wish to appear on the messages you send out as your 'reply to' address. This is normally the same as your Email address.

The Port may need to be changed if the default (25) is not suitable. Some mail providers change this number for added security. If this is the case in your situation, you will need to ask your service provider what the port number is.

If any of the above settings are incorrect CAPITAL may report a variety of different warning messages.

Settings Are Stored Locally

All email settings are stored in the local profile or \Windows folder of the computer where mail has been set-up. If you have 5 computers on your network you wish to email from, you will need to either copy these settings from the CAPWIN.INI file where they are stored or re-enter the above settings on each computer in turn.