Setting Up Email

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Setting Up Email

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To set-up Email there are two options:

(a) - Connect To Outlook

The easiest approach is to connect to Outlook if you already have Outlook and wish to integrate with Outlook. If Outlook email has already been set-up on your system you can do the following:

2. Click on "Maintenance" (bottom left corner)
3. Click on Customise icon (near top left)
4. Select from the menu at the top Install Settings then Communication (Email)
5. Where it says Send Mail select Outlook from the list.
6. Press Save button (top right corner)
7. Close all running copies of CAPITAL (important)
8. Restart the software first on the computer where you did the above.

Now, when you send email, it will be passed directly to Outlook. This method is easier to set-up than the next method and is desirable if you want to keep a copy of all the mail you send in Outlook as well. However, if you are planning to send a lot of email in bulk, i.e., monthly statements, the Inbuilt Mail Client will handle this task much more efficiently.

(b) - Use Inbuilt Mail Client

Setup the CAPITAL in-built email client. (This does not require Outlook.)

2. Select from the menu Company|Administration|Email
3. You will need to enter the following information:

The SMTP host / Mail Server / IP address of your mail service
Whether your mail service has SMTP Authentication
Your SMTP Account / Mail Account address
Your SMTP Password / Email Password
Your send and reply to address (normally the same)
And your Port address if it is not 25.

To provide the above information you will need to refer back to the information you received when you originally signed up for email with your service provider.

You can test your settings by pressing the Test button after entering it. If successful, you should receive a message at the end of the exchange that reads:
Result OK
Note: Often these settings need to be entered very precisely. The smallest mistake may prevent email from working. Some email providers will even refuse to let you send mail if you have typed any part of your email address in the wrong case, for example.

7. Press Save button (top right corner)
8. Close all running copies of CAPITAL (important)
9. Restart the software first on the computer where you did the above.

Hints & Tips Setting Up the Inbuilt Mail Client

SMTP Host (or IP)
If you have your own web site this is typically entered in the format of:
However, refer to your email account information if at all possible.

SMTP Authentication
If unsure, try by ticking this first.

SMTP Account
This is typically your email address but it may be something else.

SMTP Password
You must know what your email password is and this must be entered in the correct case.

Your Email Address and Repy To
This is your email address.

This is typically left blank unless your email account instructions tell you to use a different number.

Leave this unticked unless your email is hosted via a service such as GMAIL or Yahoo.