Quick Guide To End of Year Stocktaking

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Quick Guide To End of Year Stocktaking

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When you are ready to begin your counting:

1. Launch CAPITAL Business Manager.
2. Click on 'Products' found on the bottom left ExplorerBar or Treeview.
3. Click on the Stocktake icon.
4. Press New, and Yes if prompted.
5. Enter a Stocktake Name
6. Select 'Full Count'
7. Enter a Location code if you operate multiple locations.
8. Press Create.

It will take a few seconds or minutes to create the stocktake. Once it is finished Press 'Counts' to print your count-sheets.

Begin your counts. While counting, do not receive goods into stock or invoice goods out.

Press the 'Enter Physical Counts' tab button and enter your 'Count' quantities for the applicable items.

Press 'Reports' to review your count information. If the variances are acceptable, press 'Submit' to adjust your inventory.

Users may resume invoicing and receiving once the count has been completed.