Problems Viewing Help Files

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Problems Viewing Help Files

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Microsoft has introduced changes to the core functions of its help system that may prevent CAPITAL Office from displaying help files using the Microsoft HTML Help System if those files are perceived by the OS as loading from a network location. Please note that this problem is inherent to *ALL* Windows programs that use Microsoft's latest help system, and is not an issue specific to CAPITAL Software.

Microsoft has disabled the ability of its own help software to display help information when help files are located on drive locations that are not local to the computer needing to access those files. This will include any location that is a networked (mapped) drive, or any connection that Windows thinks is a networked (mapped) drive. Most network environments are potentially affected.

If you are unable to view help topic pages when accessing CAPITAL Office, you may:

A. Copy the .chm files from your server's location to your local hard drive, and then change the help path settings of your software to point your system to this new location.*

This method is not ideal, as you will be required to repeat this procedure each time you update your CAPITAL software. Users may end up with out of date help files using this approach.

*If your users are accessing CAPITAL through a terminal server connection, the definition of 'local drive' will be the local drive of the server, not your local PC.