Error 1010

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Error 1010

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A 1010 error means an index (.CDX) file is corrupted.

This is caused by the file not writing to your database correctly. Typically because its been interrupted, such as your network connection failing, computer freezing, etc.

An automatic repair will "fix" the issue. However, CAPITAL is not the cause of the issue, so whatever is causing it will still go on to cause it and the issue can come back. If the problem is happening constantly, this is suggestive of a serious problem with the reliability of your network.

You can ensure that your Windows settings are not causing this corruption or are contributing to it. Your Windows file cache settings should all be set to zero. CAPITAL will change these settings automatically, however, if the software has not been granted permission to modify your registry, these settings may remain incorrectly set.

To check your settings select from the menu Help|About CAPITAL Business Manager, and then press the System Info button.

Scroll down to the three "REG" settings at the bottom of the window and make sure these all read 0 (zero) and not some other value.

That is the only Windows system setting you can change that will make the system more reliable and reduce corruption. If your system is already correctly set on your computer and all other computers on your network, then the hardware or network drivers are the most likely culprit.

IMPORTANT: These settings should be zero on all computers accessing CAPITAL on your network, including your server, even if you do not run CAPITAL directly from your server.

Note, a software upgrade will not "fix" this issue.

Keep in mind that a computer that caused the error may not be the same as the computer that reports the error. Frequently there is a problem computer on your network that is corrupting your files, and this will cause a 1010 error to appear even on a different computer which is working fine.

For information on how to manually change cache settings visit this article here: