Procedure for Upgrading CAPITAL Office

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Procedure for Upgrading CAPITAL Office

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For CAPITAL Professional, Enterprise & Corporate Edition

Ensure that all users are logged out of CAPITAL. This is important.

Note: It is strongly advised to reboot your server before installing an update to ensure all users are logged off and all open files are closed.

Make a back-up of your \CAPITAL folder to another location on your drive.

Retrieve the latest version by visiting this link:

Log in with the user name and password found on your software purchase or maintenance renewal. (This will be on your invoice if it is a renewal that has been paid in advance of the issue of the final invoice.)

Click on the link CAPITAL Business Manager.

Note: During or after the download is complete you may receive messages from Windows or your web browser that you have downloaded an executable file from the internet or an "unknown" program. This is normal, and confirm with Windows or your web browser software that you wish to proceed.

Run/open the application file SETUPBMS.EXE

Step through the prompts and let the software install.

Note: At this point if you receive any error messages it may because you failed to restart your server or close any open files that remained open, or another user has started the software on your network connection. If this occurs, repeat the installation process from the beginning.

After the installation has been completed, you will be presented with the message indicating that the install has finished. Press the Finished button and the CAPITAL Upgrade program should open.

Installation should not typically take more than a few minutes.

Note: If the CAPITAL Upgrade program did not open, first search for it on your Task Bar. You should see a icon with the writing 'Capital Upgrade' on it. As a last resort, if the launch of the software was suppressed, you need to launch it manually by executing ..\CAPITAL\UPGRADE.EXE

Press Begin Upgrade.

After the upgrade process is finished an automatic repair will be executed.

When the automatic repair procedure is completed users will be able to start their CAPITAL software again.

Note: An upgrade can take anywhere from several minutes to many hours, depending on how long it has been since you last upgraded, the speed of your server, the size of your database, and the number of databases that require upgrade.

For CAPITAL Corporate Edition

Ensure that all users are logged out of CAPITAL by checking who is connected. From the main menu select Help|Fortress Data Server Status. This will list who is logged in. Only you should be logged in and it will be reported that you are logged in twice (once to the database and once to database administrative services).

Then follow the steps at the top of this article.