Migrating old DOS users to Windows

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Migrating old DOS users to Windows

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Summary of Key Issues to Consider When Migrating DOS users to CAPITAL Series 7:

If users are running a DOS version and install the Windows version, the Windows version will automatically convert their data and bring it across from the DOS version without having to re-key *any* data. There are some practical limitations:

* If the user has made screen customisations, e.g., altered the stock screen or job screen, etc., then they will have to add these customisations again using the Windows Screen Builder visual design tools to make things look neat & tidy again.

* Any reports using the DOS report generator will have to be re-written using the Visual Builder report writer.

* Any forms being used (invoices, delivery dockets, purchase orders), will need to be redone using Visual Builder. You can use the Form Wizard inside Visual Builder to create these documents quickly but any customisations or special requests will have to be redone using the Window's version's visual design tools.

* Old style dot-matrix printers may print very slowly from Windows, using Windows printer drivers.

* CAPITAL Office Business Software offered a competitive upgrade paths for over 5 years for DOS users converting to Windows, but no promotions are running at this point in time.