Visual Builder Change Path of Data File Output

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Visual Builder Change Path of Data File Output

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1. Start Visual Builder.
2. Open the form you wish to change.
3. Click on the body of the report (area above red dashed lines).

Blue handles should appear around the report body.

4. From the main menu select File|Export
5. Click on File button (to right of "Filename")
6. Select the path and enter a file name.
7. Press Save
8. Press Save
9. Select File|Save from the menu
10. Select File|Exit to close the software.

Note: If you embed a $ (dollar sign) anywhere within the file name (see step 6 above), Visual Builder will place the generated file into the current default company data folder. It also removes the $ symbol from the file name. This is useful if you want to create a generic report that will create a data file that can be read by another form, regardless of which company the form is executed in.