How to Change a Default Printer on a Form

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How to Change a Default Printer on a Form

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To change the default printer on a form:

1. First identify the form you need to change. For example, if it is an invoice form, open invoicing and from the menu select Record|Print.

Note the name of the form you need to alter, then close this window.

2. Next open the form editor inside Visual Builder:

a. Click on "Maintenance" (bottom left corner of application).
b. Click on "Visual Builder" icon.
c. Log in with your admin password if prompted.
d. Click on the orange 'Edit Form' button.
e. Select the form you need to edit from the list and press Open.

Note: You may receive a warning that a printer is missing. Press OK to continue.

f. From the menu select Edit|Form Properties
g. Next to "Print To" change the printer to either the new printer you wish to use, or [Default Printer] if you want output directed to the Windows default printer.
h. Press Save.
i. From the main menu select File|Save

3. If you need to amend other forms, select from the menu File|Open and repeat steps e-i above.