How to Set a Form Default

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How to Set a Form Default

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To associate a particular form with a transaction follow these steps:

1. Start CAPITAL Business Manager
2. From the main menu select Company|Administration|Customise

Note: you may be prompted to log in with your administrator password.

3. From the menu select Install Settings|Transactions.
4. Click on the Transaction Sequences & Forms button (near top).
5. Locate the transaction you wish to assign a form to and double-click to edit.
6. In Form Name enter the form name you wish to associate with the transaction and press Save.
7. Press Save again (top right of open window).
8. Press Save again (top right of application).
9. Now close all running copies of the software and restart the software.

Note: Check to confirm that you, nor anyone else, is running the software. Also that if you have more than one copy of the software open, that all copies are closed.

Note: You must be the first person to restart the software - on the same computer where you made the above changes - for the changes to take affect.

When you restart the software a message will appear telling you that either the changes are 'pending' (users are still running the software) or that changes have 'taken effect'. If you continue to receive the message that changes are 'pending' and you cannot find who is still running the software, it may be necessary to reboot your server. If you do this, be sure to start the software on the same computer where you did the above changes.