How to Link a Cash Book (Bank Account) to Your GL

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How to Link a Cash Book (Bank Account) to Your GL

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1. Launch CAPITAL Business Manager.
2. Open the General Ledger area.
3. From the menu select Manage|General Ledger Sets.
4. Set "0" (Under Code column) should be selected. Press Copy button.
5. In Set Code enter a short code to represent your cash book or bank, i.e., NAB

Note: Remember this code, as you will need to refer to it again shortly.

6. Press <TAB> and enter a description for the set next to it. For example, National Australia Bank.
7. Next to row 19, "Bank Account" under the "Account" column enter your GL code representing your bank account, i.e., 30400

Note: You can also press F12 at this point to search your chart.

8. Press Save.
9. Press Close.
10. Open your Cash Manager area.
11. Select your new bank account and press Edit.
12. Next to "GL Set" enter the code you created in Step 5 above.

Your Cash Book (bank account) is now linked to your general ledger.
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