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Financial Formulas

Specify calculated code groupings for on- screen inspection or inclusion in financial statements.

Global Modification Chart Tool

Add, edit or delete sections of a chart of accounts. Allows quick construction of complex multi-departmental charts.

Integrity Checking

Intelligent master file diagnostic & repair utility can automatically balance a corrupted chart & post errors to suspense account.

Drill Down

Drill down to originating transactions from journal history.
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General Ledger

Business Software You Won’t Outgrow

Financial Management

The general ledger summarizes all financial transactions in your system and provides management with a Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet, collectively known as the financial statements. Many other reports can also be constructed and printed.

Report Writer

CAPITAL's General Ledger also comes equipped with an extremely flexible financial report writing tool.
Open Periods

End Period Wizard

Updates general ledger period or automatically reverses and re-runs period. Balances GST and stock accounts without the need to post extra standing journals.

Live Post

Direct postings to your general ledger using client/server edition of CAPITAL Business Manager.

All Periods Open

Enter transactions for any period for the current year, be it past, present or future.

Reopen Years

Closed years in your accounting software can be reopened.

Roll Forward / Roll Back

Rolling back a financial year is easy to do if you need to.

Full Reversals

Reverse any posted batch or reverse whole period.

Multi-currency Ledger

Posting to the general ledger in an

unlimited number of currencies. All

postings in original currency are

tracked at the same time as the values

automatically converted to your

standard currency. Journals can be

entered in local or foreign currencies

with automatic conversion to local


Long Account Codes

Account codes up to 14 characters/numbers.


Powerful budget planning toolbox for calculating income and expense targets.

Data Shield

Master file corruption protected by ‘auto roll back’ capability in case of interrupted postings.

Standard Reporting

Trial Balance (for period or year-to-date) Budgets & Variations Batch Listings Chart List General Ledger Sets Audit Trail History Transaction History Journal Errors Financial Formulas

Configurable Reporting

Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet for Year Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet Month/Year Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet Year/Last Year Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet to budget Quick Report Writer Does the ground work of creating basic financial statements automatically. Financial reports can report on period, year, half year and quarterly balances, in standard/local currency or in foreign currencies or in any combination of the above.

Fast Journal Entry

Fast, powerful & easy to use journal entry screen that supports Quick Codes. E.g., words such as ‘rent’, ‘car’, ‘clothing’ can be linked to general ledger codes for easy to remember data input.

Customise Chart

Add, edit, remove or completely reorganise chart codes as required.

Flexible Start Period

Any period can be selected for year start & end (e.g. June 30th for Australia, 31st December for USA and 31st March for UK).        

Customisable Periods

User defined accounting periods, such as 12, 13, etc., up to 365 per year.        

Multi-Company Consolidates

Ability to consolidate subsidiary companies and/or ledgers to a main ledger.      

Copy Company

Copy the existing chart of accounts to subsidiary companies within the group.

Immediate Accrual Posting

Accrual amounts can be set in the current period and reversed in the next period at the same time. No need to remember to reverse accruals or set-up an automated reversal procedure.


No practical limit to the number of companies you can set-up and manage.

Start New Year Any Time

No need to close general ledger financial year in order to continue work in new year in CAPITAL.

Batch Entry

Enter journals in batches for controlled posting.

On-Line Entry

Enter journals immediately into general ledger through on-line entry procedure.

Change Or Lock Codes

Chart of account codes can be changed at any time or locked to prevent further posting.

Standing Journals

Support for entry & posting of standing journals. Can copy general & system journals to & from standing journals.

Journal Narration

Narrations may be of unlimited length for any journal of your business software.


Create user profiles for access to only specified operating areas. Export to Microsoft Office Financial statements and reports such as the Trial Balance can be loaded into Excel & Open Office.
Features at a Glance Totally Integrated Financial Report Writer Export To Excel Drill Down Multi-Company Consolidations Multi-Currency All Periods Open but Lockable Multiple Budgets