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LATEST VERSION STATUS V14 Series CAPITAL Business Manager CAPITAL Sales Force Manager CAPITAL Warehouse Manager Version: V14 Build 1581 Release Date 8th of January, 2024 Maintenance Release SP5, 22nd of April, 2024
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2024, 8th of January, 2024 - 22nd April, 2024 CAPITAL Software, Version 14
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CAPITAL Office Business Software is pleased to announce that CAPITAL Version 14 has been


Highlights of CAPITAL Version 14, include: A total of 40 new or updated help topics. Compatibility with Warehouse Manager 2.0. Improved paperless/document management integration. It is now possible to attach one or more documents to transactions such as customer or supplier invoices or payments, and cashbook entries. Documents may also be automatically scanned and attached once suitable TWAIN compatible scanning software is installed on your PC or server. It is now possible to run Business Manager in mobile device mode for stocktaking purposes. Requires Advanced Distribution & Inventory component licence. Performance improvements when accessing the OutTray, especially for Professional and Enterprise Edition users. The new Advise Order No. Exists setting will warn if an invoice has the same order number reference as that of a new sales order, for the same account customer. Requires Corporate Edition. When using the assembly copy tool, you may now retain the original locations of the assembly you are copying. You may specify Reasons when events arise via Event Notifications. General Ledger Sets Hook allows advanced users and script writers to control account posting on a granular level. Copy command added to General Ledger Finance Groups. Corporate Edition users may now be notified if selected accounts are posted to. New CBS scripting language functions added.