FEATURES Data files can be exported to mobile portable barcode readers when stocktaking. Incoming deliveries can be scanned into the warehouse. Support is included for scanning serial and batch numbers, either in the main business software or using CAPITAL's Warehouse Management business solution. Product codes can be scanned at the counter during point of sale operations. Warehouses can scan and pack stock using conventional, Wifi or mobile barcode scanning technology. Scan existing barcodes included on products and/or selectively print barcodes for items without barcodes. Barcode labels can be printed per unit, per multiples of units or per line item total (suitable for rolls carried by metre, etc.) A flexible Integration Manager allows you to map links from external files into CAPITAL's import systems. These can be saved and executed by clicking on icons set-up on your Window's desktop or via the CAPITAL Interface.
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Barcode Integrated Accounting

CAPITAL Office features the most comprehensive barcode support of any business software in the accounting software industry! CAPITAL allows you to generate more than twenty in-built barcode symbologies and variations, including 2D digital technology such as PDF417. Barcodes can be previewed with test data when designing forms. CAPITAL Visual Builder (the form design tool) allows you to drag and resize barcodes dynamically. Any piece of information that can be printed can also be converted to a barcode, whether that information is a formula, field or block of text. Automatically match your stock product code or one or more barcodes when scanning stock items. Multiple barcodes can be assigned to each product code in the system. And if you need to print barcodes not supported by the inbuilt options, you can install and utilise your own Windows compatible barcode fonts as required. Portable barcode readers can scan barcodes and serial or batch numbers simultaneously. Files produced by barcode readers can be imported into CAPITAL at any time.
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