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Contacts are the individuals you form business relationships with. These might consist of your customers and prospects, but may also include associates and business partners. Log all communications such as phone calls, email, meetings and physical mail.
The integrated email client downloads your mail and automatically links it to your customer and supplier contacts or ‘cases’. The system can extract key information out of your emails to automatically create new customers and prospects for your contact management system.
The Sales Funnel is your system opportunity manager. Manage complex sales opportunities such as tenders. Link your communications, quotes and documents to each opportunity and track each stage of your sales process.

Bank Reconciliation

Auto Reconciliation



Case Manager

Stock Kits

Contact Manager

InTray (Email Client)

Sales Funnel

Stock Kits are multi-level collections of products, parts or components. Use them as ‘bills of materials’ in manufacturing or directly on orders, quotes and invoices. A kit can optionally be set to expand automatically into its components during transaction entry.
Fully integrated calendar system lets you manually add tasks, appointments, Job cards and contacts. Quote follow- ups can also be shown if required. Add multiple attendees to appointments and email them an Outlook appointment (vCard) if desired.
Record and manage customer inquiries, warranty claims, and problems. Issue a ‘ticket’ number for each case and track progress until resolution. Manages notes, documents, tasks, transactions and all email correspondence.
Download and import bank transactions into your automatic bank reconciliation tool. Auto match transactions to create your reconciliation based on date, amount and reference. Tag entries as interest, bank fees, etc., for auto creation.
Any data element on your form templates can be converted into a barcode. Double click on a data field, press the Barcode tab, then select your topology.
Tag transactions to automatically add them to your bank reconciliations. Easily tab between your cash book transaction list and your bank statement view.