FEATURES Categories Assets may be organised by family, group and class, as well as by department, location and cost centre. Status An asset may be designated as in use, disposed or returned. Assets may also be owned, leased or external, but under your management. Valuations Record the purchase price if applicable, including its insured, salvage and replacement value. Depreciation Assets may be depreciated and the current book depreciation value is recorded against the asset. Documents Link documents to individual assets. Notes Link unlimited time and user stamped note information to each asset. Transactions Purchase order, invoice and disposal transaction numbers may be recorded against each asset. Condition An asset may be assigned various conditions such as new, good, or unknown. Serial Number Tracking Integrates with CAPITAL Business Manager’s serial number & stock tracing system. On-Screen Status List key information such as purchase, install and service dates. View total expenses, billed charges, profitability and work in progress. Location Capture the supplier’s address, the asset’s physical address, and contact information relevant to the asset. Google Maps Locate address information for assets using Google Maps. SMS SMS information about the asset directly to mobile phones.
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Asset Manager

Asset Management

Asset Manager has been designed to manage business assets, whether you own, lease, or maintain them on behalf of your customers. Service Manager job cards may be linked to assets to give you a complete service history, including costs and generated income, by individual asset. Attach contract and inspection plan information to each asset. The last and next scheduled service date can be tracked, including frequency of servicing. Easily produce a list of assets due for service, which can be exported to programs such as Excel, or email service information directly to the asset owners.
Motor vehicles Buildings Boats Computers Excavators, tractors, etc. Lifts and escalators Air conditioners Weighbridges Farm machinery Furniture Lab equipment

Ideal For


Integrated Email (even Fax)

Combined with CAPITAL's Electronic Data Exchange component, asset invoices and related forms and reports can be printed, emailed (or faxed) directly.


Attach one or multiple images to each asset on the asset’s item card.


Record the warranty expiry date and warranty period in units of days, months or years.


Tracks work in progress activity against assets. Ideal for keeping track of service work under-way on complex and expensive assets.

Service Manager

Integrates with Service Manager. Job cards can be raised from Asset Manager or existing jobs can be assigned to an asset.


Invoices may be directly assigned to an asset.


Assign expenses to assets.

Contact Management

Integrates with Sales Force Manager. Multiple contacts may be linked to an asset found in Asset Manager.

Export to Microsoft Office

Export assets to popular spreadsheets such as Excel and OpenOffice, databases such as Access, and word processors such as Word.


Create lists that meet your exact criteria. Assigned to user Assigned to owner or customer Brand, manufacturer, model, etc. Next service due All checked in (loan) All checked out (loan) Returns due By condition State or postcode range Under repair Under warranty Warranty expiry Custom query